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Contra Mestre Camarão


Contra Mestre (CM) Camarão started capoeira in December 1995 as part of the first organized class in Toronto, ON and received his first cord in February 1996 as the only member remaining from that first class. 

CM met his now Mestre, Mestre Lua when he first visited Toronto in April 2000 teaching a workshop. CM officially became a student under Mestre Lua in September 2003 who he began teaching under and he continues this practice right up to today. 

CM has had multiply opportunities to train throughout North American as well as Brasil, including the summer of 2000 where he lived and trained there for 3 months.  During a return visit to Brazil in 2010 CM received his first teaching rank of Instrutor. He continued to teach and grow receiving the rank of Professor in 2014 and in September 2017 was honored to receive the rank of Contra Mestre from his mentor and teacher Mestre Lua.

The Burlington class was first established in 2007 and in 2008 CM began hosting an annual international event, Encontro de Primavera that will celebrate its 11th event in 2018!

Instrutora Esperta


Capoeira  Malês Burlington is also support by Instrutora Esperta. She first began capoeira in 2001 at the Toronto academy where CM Camarão also trained and has remained one of his students under the direction of Mestre Lua since. 

Esperta has honed her skills and developed as an accomplished capoeirista through regular classes as well as traveling to participate in events  in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Seattle, Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Portugal as well as Brasil where she attended an International Event in 2015.

Esperta earned her first level Instructora cord in 2015 and graduated to 2nd level Instructora in September 2017, making her one of the highest ranking female capoeiristas in Canada.

What is Capoeira/Who is Malês?


Capoeira (pronounced kah-poe-air-ah) is a martial  art that combines the excitement and energy of music, dancing, fighting, gravity defying acrobatics and feats of strength and flexibility.  Capoeira is a 400-year old Brazilian martial art born out of oppression  and slavery whereby slaves had to disguise their training as  recreational song and dance. Capoeira has played an important part in shaping the culture of Brazil.

At Capoeira Malês, we play a modern form of capoeira, a fast-paced, fluid game known as Contemporânea.  There are many different styles of capoeira, some are slow and  theatrical, others are fast and artistic. Participants take turns  sparring in pairs in the centre of a roda (circle), and also  create the live music, which consists of playing Afro-Brazilian  percussion instruments, clapping and call-and-response singing.

Capoeira came to Canada in the early 1990s and today it can be found  on every continent. There is a wealth of information available online  for those interested in learning more about the history of capoeira.   Capoeira continues to grow and gain recognition as a martial art and form of artistic expression.

Grupo Capoeira Malês was founded by Mestre Curisco  and Mestre Lua Branca after emigrating from Brazil to the United States and Canada respectively.  Their aim is to share their love of capoeira and their wealth of experience with students, based on their  shared values of respect, discipline and tradition. Not only are Mestre Curisco and Mestre Lua Branca committed to the preservation and  values of capoeira as an art, but also to disseminating the Brazilian  culture worldwide and passing on these values to their students.

Capoeira Malês is open to dedicated students of capoeira seeking to  deepen their knowledge and improve their technique. The group also  welcomes those looking to socialize or get an excellent workout, so they  can fulfill their expectations and take away knowledge and respect for capoeira. *

* Source http://www.capoeiraschool.ca/what-is-capoeira

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Capoeira Malês - Burlington

1151 Heritage Rd., Burlington, Ontario L7R, Canada

(647) 283-0462


Wednesday - 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Friday - 8:00pm - 9:00pm

** Please refer to Facebook group for any updates to class time.

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